'Squid Game' pop-up in Korea transforms Itaewon Station into bizarre playground


Ashley Tan | September 23, 2021, 05:28 PM

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By now, you've probably heard of the latest show to catch people's attention, Korean thriller "Squid Game".

The show, which is streaming on Netflix, revolves around down-on-their-luck contestants, all of whom are heavily in debt, participating in a series of twisted games for a chance to win a handsome cash prize.

The cost however, is losing their lives.

If you're still unfamiliar with the game, here's the quick lowdown:

Pop-up playground

"Squid Game" has proven to be wildly popular, and came in second in Netflix's global top 10 charts, which Korea Times reported was a record for a Korean drama.

"Squid Game" also became the first Korean drama in the US daily top 10 list.

On the day of the show's premiere on Sep. 17, Itaewon Station in Korea was also treated to a complete "Squid Game"-inspired makeover.

The station was transformed into a wacky pop-up playground with colours reminiscent of the set designs in the shows.

An outstanding feature is the giant female doll-slash-robot, which in the show, was responsible for identifying which contestants were to be eliminated for moving.

Photo from Netflix

The stairs in the station have been plastered over with bright fuchsia decals, the same colour as the outfits of the menacing staffers controlling the contestants during the game.

Photo from Netflix

Itaewon Station's exterior has also been adorned with the large piggy bank containing the cash prize seen in the show.

Photo from Netflix

You can check out more photos of the pop-up here, which will be ongoing till Sep. 26.

Creepy doll

Not only is "Squid Game" being heavily marketed in Korea, but the Philippines too.

The giant doll appeared outside a department store in Metro Manila, rotating its head to observe passers-by.


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Top photo from Netflix