Soh Rui Yong claims some 'black sheep' Commandos & 'keyboard warriors' tried to smear him

He reiterated his respect for the Commandos.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 12, 2021, 01:42 PM

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Singapore's official fastest 2.4km runner, Soh Rui Yong, has issued an open challenge to the public on Sep. 9 to run 2.4km under seven minutes.

Soh's open challenge came after he said he heard comments downplaying his record timing of six minutes and 53 seconds.

For anyone who runs under seven minutes at the Pocari Sweat Singapore 2.4km Run on Oct. 9 and 10, Soh said he would give, out of his own pocket, S$700 cash and 700 bottles of Pocari Sweat to those who can do it.

More prizes

In a matter of days, the prize pot increased to a list of perks from other interested sponsors which Soh updated on his Facebook on Sep. 11.

Here's what's at stake for any interested challengers:

1. S$1,400 cash, 1400 bottles of Pocari Sweat (From Rui Yong and Fitness Best Asia)

2. 700 chicken rice (OK Chicken Rice )

3. 2 x 90min massage (Uncle Lim, sports massuer for the Singapore Slingers pro basketball team)

4. Suunto $500 watch (From Pocari Sweat)

5. $700 fnb voucher (Smoobar)

6. 700 GB (Circle Life)

7. $700 Under Armour products (Kerstin Ong, UA Ambassador)

8. Free meal 700g of karubi meat and you can bring a + 1 (Yakiniku Hero )

9. One year supply of toilet paper (@wypesg)

10. S.A.D Clothing worth $700

11. 7 months of full access gym membership to Tapout Fitness + $700 worth of Strength & Conditioning training sessions with TAPOUT FITNESS’s Master Coach

And the list might just go on and on.

Because why not?

Received hate comments and saw messages discussing sabotage tactics

In the Facebook post, Soh also claimed he received "hate comments" from some members of the Commando fraternity and alleged that he saw leaked messages from Commando WhatsApp chat groups.

According to Soh, some of these "black sheep" were plotting to bring him down with ideas such as writing to sponsors or "finding ways to smear [his] character in public".

That said, he acknowledged that these could be a small minority or "keyboard warriors".

He reiterated his respect for the Commandos and said that "there was never a me vs them scenario".

"The Commando motto is "For Honour And Glory". I think most Commandos live up to this. I hope these black sheep can strive to do the same. There is nothing (honourable) or glorious about turning down a fair challenge and resorting to sabotage schemes. While trying to smear me, what you're really doing is smearing the reputable name of the Commandos - your own band of brothers.

I believe that a bit of this may have come from keyboard warriors having fun stirring the pot to pit me vs the Commandos and enjoying the show. To clear up any misunderstandings, I reiterate that I respect what the Commandos have gone through, and there is so much more to being a Commando than just running. I can't do what they do because I don't train like them, similar to how they can't do what I do without training like a distance runner. There was never a me vs them scenario."

Here's the full post:

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Top image via Soh Rui Yong's Facebook by Romaine Soh