Injured wild boar piglet, likely hit by vehicle, struggles along Kranji Expressway road shoulder

Public can use courier services to send injured animals to Acres.

Belmont Lay | September 13, 2021, 12:55 PM

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A wild boar piglet was found injured in broad daylight along the road shoulder of Kranji Expressway towards the Brickland Road exit.


Photos and videos of the incident were put up on Facebook on Sep. 6 by a motorist who was travelling along that stretch of road.

Called for assistance

According to the motorist, he spotted the wild boar at around 11:30am and called Acres (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) for assistance.

However, Acres responded an hour later that they were unable to assist in this incident and urged the motorist to contact NParks instead.

By that time, the motorist said he was unable to wait at the location any longer.

He then observed that the wild boar piglet returned on its own into the bushes nearby.

Wild boar's condition

One video of the wild boar piglet showed it was laying prone on the ground but appeared startled when approached by the motorist.

However, it failed to get back on all fours as it staggered momentarily before falling down again.

Another video showed the wild boar piglet lying on its side and failing to move away despite the motorist getting closer to it.

What to do when you see an injured wild animal

In the event you encounter an injured wild animal in Singapore, you can contact Acres first at 97837782.

You should describe the animal to the rescue officer by providing information about the type of animal, size, colour, markings and distinct features.

If possible, also describe any injuries the animal might have.

Acres should also be informed if there are any other animals near by.

A photo of the animal can also be sent to 9783 7782 via WhatsApp.

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