Nicholas Tse renounces Canadian citizenship, identifies as 'originally Chinese'

He was mentioned in a list of celebrities who are rumoured to be censored in China soon.

Karen Lui | September 07, 2021, 02:16 PM

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A list of celebrities that are rumoured to be censored in China has been circulating online. Nicholas Tse appeared in the list as one of the foreign nationals who would find it difficult to perform in China soon.

"Originally Chinese"

On Sep 5, the 41-year-old actor revealed in an interview with state-controlled broadcaster China Movie Channel (CCTV-6) that he has applied to renounce his Canadian citizenship.

The interview touched on Tse's interest in sharing Chinese culture and stories with the world. Tse also calls it a "responsibility" to do so as a Chinese person.

He shared that he was scrolling through the social media comments about his latest film, "Raging Fire", as he was keen to hear some feedback from the public about it.

"Some of the comments I saw asked, 'Aren't you Canadian?' Actually, I was born in Hong Kong so I'm originally a Chinese person."

The father-of-two expressed his concern upon seeing such comments and wondered why they were made.

With reference to how he felt upon seeing the comments questioning his nationality, Tse said his heart felt heavy.  Image by CCTV-6 via 中国电影报道's Weibo page.

"Actually I've already applied to renounce my Canadian citizenship," he said, adding that he feels a sense of responsibility to promote the assets of China.

Tse confirming that he has applied to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Image by CCTV-6 via 中国电影报道's Weibo page.

In response to the news, Tse's father, Hong Kong cinema veteran Patrick Tse, told Hong Kong media that his son makes his own decisions and he will support him as a father.

Some netizens have left positive comments in support of this revelation, with some acknowledging that he has always been proud of being Chinese. Others questioned why he had not done it sooner and suggested that he may be doing so to ensure he can continue working in China.

Other foreign nationals that have come under fire

Besides Tse, the list includes Liu Yifei, Wilber Pan, Wang Leehom, Mark Chao, and Jet Li - all of whom hold foreign citizenship.

This news follows the announcement made by National Radio and Television Administration, China's top media regulator, to clean up the entertainment industry with an eight-point plan.

This plan includes calls for “further regulation of arts and entertainment shows and related personnel”, South China Morning Post reported.

Basis of boycotts listed include people who have broken laws, or whose behaviour and speech have gone against “public order and morals”.

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Top images by CCTV-6 via 中国电影报道's Weibo page and Kylie Anderson via Unsplash (for illustrative purposes).

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