Najib hints at upcoming appointment as minister-level economic adviser

If the rumour is true, he will join the ranks of Muhyiddin in a minister-level position in the government.

Faris Alfiq | September 09, 2021, 08:46 PM

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Malaysia's former Prime Minister Najib Razak revealed on social media that he has been "drafting suggestions and new ways" to tackle Covid-19.

However, Najib did not elaborate on what were the suggestions and plans.

Taking to Facebook on Sep. 9, he responded to a commenter who questioned Najib's position regarding the Malaysian.

Najib has "never forgotten" issues faced by the people

The former prime minister said that he "has never forgotten the issues faced by the people" and added that he "still understands (them)".

Najib added that the time has come to solve the country's problems.

"It is time to prioritise achievements, as we all understood the challenges of lockdown, Covid-19 and the (state of) our country's economy right now," he wrote.

Najib further claimed that he was "very confident" that his suggestions were "realistic, able to produce results, and easy to implement in the nearest future".

He added that all this would eventually benefit the people and the country.

Some of these suggestions, Najib said, had been discussed with current Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri recently, and he hoped that these would be approved by the Cabinet soon.

Rumours of Najib's appointment as economic adviser

The timing of the Facebook post came after Najib met the prime minister the day before, claiming that he was committed to "contribute" to the country's economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ismail Sabri wrote on his Facebook page that Najib was "committed to contributing his effort, time and ideas" as one team for the "Malaysian Family".

Following the meeting, Malaysia's news channel UtusanTV cited a source that said Najib's appointment as an economic adviser of a ministerial rank will be made soon, Malay Mail reported.

Both Najib and Ismail Sabri, senior members of Umno, have yet to comment on this rumour, Malay Mail added.

If the rumour is true, then Najib will join the ranks of Muhyiddin as former prime ministers who occupy advisory positions in Ismail Sabri's administration.

On Sep. 4, former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin was appointed as the chairman of the National Recovery Council.

Muhyiddin said that he would not be taking any salary from the position.

Not using Najib's experience is a waste: Umno MP

An Umno member of parliament, Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, said that it would be a waste if Ismail Sabri does not utilise Najib's expertise and appoint him as his economic adviser, The Vibes reported.

He added that it would be wise to consider Najib's past experiences as prime minister, which he said saw Malaysia reached new heights.

"We want to tap his experience as a former prime minister for nine years, during which time he was also the finance minister,” he said.

“People have to remember that during his tenure, Malaysia’s economy was booming. So, to me, I think there is no problem with appointing him," he said, and added that the post of an economic adviser is not an executive post, just an advisory one.

"After all, Najib already has his perks as a former premier. So this appointment, if it happens, is just to utilise his experience. It’s a real waste if we don't," he said.

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