Dog-friendly glasshouse cafe at Garden's by the Bay has gelato, affogato & toasted brioche sandwiches

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Siti Hawa | September 24, 2021, 12:16 PM

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Mylo's, a pet-friendly glasshouse cafe at Garden's by the Bay, has opened near Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

It is located along the Waterfront Promenade, by a popular running and cycling route.

The cafe

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's


The cafe specialises in gelato, affogato and toasted gelato brioche sandwiches.


Their gelato is priced at S$5 (single scoop) and S$8 (double scoop), with over 20 seasonal flavours such as Coconut and Pandan, and Vanilla and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Gelatos are available in variations such as milk-based, alcohol-laced gelati and fruit sorbets.

You can also opt to take away a one-litre tub of Gelato for S$38.

Photo via Mylo's

Vanilla and Himalayan Pink Salt Gelato:

Photo via Mylo's

Coconut and Pandan Gelato:

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's


The cafe also has Affogatos (S$10) in variations such as:

  • Vanilla Himalayan Pink Salt Gelato drown in Espresso, Honey, Olive oil and Fennel Pollen and seasonal homemade Fruit Compote
  • Greek Yoghurt drown in seasonal homemade Fruit Compote
  • Milo dinosaur, Milo Gelato topped with Milo Crumbs

Vanilla Himalayan Pink Salt Gelato drown in Espresso Affogato:

Photo via Mylo's

Toasted Gelato Brioche Sandwich

You can also opt for a Toasted Gelato Brioche Sandwich (S$8) which is essentially a toasted brioche stuffed with gelato of your choice.

Photo via Mylo's

Photo via Mylo's


Other bakes and bites are also available like Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, Brownies, Muffins and sandwiches and pastries.

Tuna Melt, Ham & Cheese and Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Paninis are also on the menu.

Photo via Mylo's


Photo via Mylo's

Mylo's is a dog-friendly cafe and even offers pup-friendly snacks like:

  • Pumpkin & Oat dog biscuits
  • Peanut Butter & Honey dog biscuits
  • Chicken & Beef Bone Broth popsicles
  • Yoghurt & Mango popsicles

According to the cafe, dogs will receive one complimentary dog biscuit. Water dishes will also be made available in case your furkid gets thirsty.

View the full menu on their website here.


Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Gardens by the Bay, #01-01, Singapore 018953

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Thursday, 8am to 8pm

Friday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm

Top photos via Mylo's

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