M'sian man, 40, loses elderly mother, 80, to Covid-19 despite borrowing 8 oxygen tanks for her

He was infected too and has since been hospitalised.

Jean Chien Tay | September 14, 2021, 05:37 PM

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After losing his 80-year-old mother to Covid-19, a Malaysian man surnamed Soon who lives in Johor, has also contracted the virus, and has since been hospitalised, Malaysian media China Press reported.

Soon, 40, reportedly borrowed eight oxygen cylinders for his mother, after she was believed to have been infected at a vaccination centre, but to no avail.

According to Johor politician Lee Kuan Chor, who extended his help to the family by sending Soon two oxygen cylinders, he believes that Soon may have contracted the virus when caring for his mother.

Soon called for help late at night on Sep. 7

Lee first posted about Soon on Facebook in the wee hours of Sep. 8, saying that Soon had called him for help in a "very anxious" tone, almost "begging" Lee to lend an oxygen cylinder for his mother.

Lee said that Soon's mother's condition was "mild", though she appeared to have trouble breathing, hence the need for oxygen cylinders.

Lee and his team later sent two oxygen cylinders of 10 litres and one additional "small oxygen cylinder", while expressing hope that Soon's mother would recover eventually.

However, things took a wrong turn, and Soon's mother passed away on Sep. 10.

At the time of writing, it was unclear if Soon's mother received any medical attention and if she was hospitalised before her death.

Soon found to have contracted Covid-19

Speaking to China Press, Lee said Soon told his team that he was having a fever and feeling fatigued when they went to retrieve the oxygen cylinders from his residence.

In a subsequent Facebook post on the morning of Sep. 12, Lee said his team received another call from Soon, claiming that his blood oxygen level fell below 90 per cent, and is waiting for an ambulance.

For context, normal oxygen levels should range between 95 per cent to 100 per cent.

Lee expressed hope that "God" and the virus would "spare" Soon who was a filial son, after claiming his mother's life.

Subsequently, Soon was hospitalised due to "deteriorating condition", according to Lee's Facebook post that night.

Lee urges his Facebook followers to pray for Soon and hopes Soon will recover from Covid-19.

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Top images via Lee Kuan Chor/Facebook