Not in MOH or HSA's interest to hide vaccine-related adverse events: MOH responds to Facebook post

MOH reaffirmed that to date, there are no deaths in Singapore found to be directly linked to vaccination.

Syahindah Ishak | September 04, 2021, 09:48 PM

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has responded to a Facebook post questioning why Singapore does not have any reported deaths linked to the Covid-19 vaccination.

Not in MOH and HSA's interest to hide

MOH said in a statement that when an adverse event (AE) arises after an individual is vaccinated, the ministry will carefully evaluate the circumstances and defer to expert opinion to find out if the AE is plausibly linked to vaccination or not.

If a death occurs, the ministry will defer to the coroner, who adjudicates and determines what the cause of death is through post-mortem findings.

MOH added:

"It is not in the Ministry of Health nor the Health Sciences Authority's (HSA) interest to hide AEs.

As a responsible healthcare regulatory authority, it is imperative to assess whether all reported AEs or deaths are linked to vaccination since the vaccines are still only provisionally approved by HSA."

MOH then reaffirmed that to date, there have not been any deaths in Singapore found to be directly linked to vaccination.

However, there have been deaths that were due to "concurrent medical conditions unrelated to vaccination."

Facebook user claimed she knew people who died after vaccination

MOH was responding to a Sep. 2 Facebook post by one Iris Koh.

Koh claimed in her post that she personally knows of three deaths that occurred after the individuals took their vaccines.

She then implied that people she's spoken to corroborated her experience, as they also knew of someone who "coincidentally passed away" after taking the vaccine.

Koh then questioned:

"Can the authorities explain why the sudden spike in death numbers please? Give us some answers please.

Why are there officially 0 deaths due to the vaccine in Singapore? How come there's a spike?

What is different in the Singapore version vaccine that is different from US/Israel/New Zealand etc that we have successfully avoided accidental deaths?"

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Top image via Iris Koh/Facebook & MOH website.