Japanese man travelled over 7,000km to spell out proposal to girlfriend

A journey of love.

Faris Alfiq | September 07, 2021, 05:43 PM

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This Japanese man took the quote "love takes you on a journey" quite literally.

For Yasushi 'Yassan' Takahashi, the journey took him 7,163 kilometres over a period of six months.

The end results -- a wife, and his name engraved in the Guinness Book of World Record as the creator of the world's largest GPS art piece.

How it all started

Yassan's story recently started surfacing again online, but back in 2008, Yassan planned to propose to his girlfriend, Natsuki. The problem was that Yassan was not sure how to go about the proposal.

So he came across GPS art, the act of creating a large-scale digital drawing by travelling with a GPS device along a predetermined route.

When the route is uploaded to a mapping tool like Google Earth, a form takes shape.

That was what he did.

Yassan started to plan his route that spelled "Marry Me" from the island of Hokkaido in northern part of Japan to the shores of Kagoshima in the southern tip of the country.

Once he firmed up the route, Yassan quit his job and began his six month journey on his 31st birthday, according to this Google video from 2019.

Never been outside of Tokyo

In a video by Google, Yassan revealed that he had not been to anywhere outside of Tokyo.

During the journey, he said that he was able to discover all kind of things that he would only have known in books that he read.

At night, he said that he would camp in his car for shelter.

He met with heavy rain, snow and earthquakes, but he did not give up and pushed on.

Once he finished his trip, he uploaded his GPS data to Google Earth and showed his girlfriend the "surprise message".

Natsuki's answer?

Naturally, when your boyfriend is out of town for six months and seems to be hiding things from you, you would be suspicious.

Natsuki said in the video that she was curious as to where Yassan was going without her.

After the six-month journey to propose to her with the GPS art, Natsuki answered: Yes.

More than 1,000 GPS art

Thus far, Yassan has produced more than 1,000 GPS art pieces stretching over 100,000 kilometers in 24 countries.

Here are some of the GPS art that Yassan created which can be found on his website:

GPS art titled "Mouse 2020" screenshot via Yassan's GPS Drawing Project

GPS art titled "Pigeon" screenshot via Yassan's GPS Drawing Project

GPS art titled "Astroboy" screenshot via Yassan's GPS Drawing Project

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Top image screenshot via Google/YouTube