S'pore family surprises domestic helper with new phone & birthday celebration, wins praise from TikTokers

She has been with her employers for less than a year.

Faris Alfiq | September 12, 2021, 06:32 PM

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A Filipino domestic helper in Singapore took to Tiktok to share a sweet surprise she received on her birthday from her employers.

The TikTok user, by the username of @jenebeeespinosa, uploaded a clip of her unboxing a gift.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered 57,600 likes and 1,056 comments since it was uploaded on Aug. 30.

@jenebeeespinosa9months with them.. and they give me this...thank you Sir & Madam...I'm very happy..##pinoytiktokerssg🇸🇬 ##fypシ ##foryoupage ..♬ Thanks to You - Judy Ann Santos

The domestic worker, Jenebee, unboxed a gift-wrapped box only to find it was filled with crinkle papers.

Jenebee, together with her employers in the background, was laughing at the surprise.

In the caption, she wrote that she was only employed by her employer for nine months, "and they give me this".

Two gifts

She dug into the crinkle papers and found two more boxes wrapped in gift-wrapping paper inside.

"This is part one, that is the part two," the employer can be heard saying as she took out the boxes from the bigger box.

As soon as she held one of the boxes, Jenebee said she already knew what was in the box.

A boy, presumably the employer's child, was heard saying "iPhone", possibly ruining the surprise.

She tore the wrapping paper and burst into tears.

A new phone

"Really!" She exclaimed upon seeing a sneak peek of the gift.

The employers can be heard clarifying that it was not an iPhone (the kid was wrong), but it was a new Samsung Galaxy M32.

"A new phone for auntie Jene," the employer said while Jene kept crying and tearing the wrapper.

The second gift was a few phone covers for the new phone.

A heartwarming surprise for the domestic helper living far away from her family.

As sweet as it gets, maybe there was a tinge of envy from the employer's child as he was heard saying: "I didn't get a phone for my birthday."

Beyond gifts

Jenebee uploaded another TikTok video on the same day showing a small mini-party at home with a chocolate-covered birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Jenebee" written on it.

@jenebeeespinosahappiest & blessed birthday ever 💖🥰😍##pinoytiktokerssg🇸🇬 ##fypシ ##foryoupage .♬ Run Free (Original Mix) - Deep Chills & Deep Chills

She was also seen grinning while posing with her new phone.

Other foods that were captured in the short video include sushi and fried chicken.

Cordial employer-domestic helper relationship

Other than birthday wishes, TikTok users also flooded her comment section writing on the cordial relationship with her employer.

One user said: "That is the trust between (the) boss and helper if all foreign helpers can be like her then no problem. By giving (her a) phone (shows that they) trust her."

Another user also said that Jenebee is working with a "very good" employer as they "appreciate what she had done for the family".

Many other users urged her to take care of the family well as she was fortunate to get a good employer.

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Top images via @jenebeeespinosa/TikTok