S'porean boy, 2, with rare genetic condition successfully receives treatment after nearly S$2.9m crowdfunded

Jiayou Devdan!

Ashley Tan | September 26, 2021, 11:29 AM

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Two-year-old Devdan, who has a rare genetic condition called Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA2), has received his treatment on Sep. 25.

The gene therapy treatment, Zolgensma, costs a hefty S$2.868 million, which prompted Devdan's parents to launch a campaign on Aug. 3 to raise funds for the treatment.

Received treatment in the morning

In the latest update, Devdan's parents shared that he received the Zolgensma treatment at 9am.

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Previously on Sep. 14, it was revealed that the treatment date for Devdan was postponed as he came down with a high fever.

Fortunately, he recovered within the next two days and was in better spirits.

SMA2 is a genetic condition which damages nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain, affecting one's ability to walk, breathe, swallow and speak.

Young children with the condition will usually be able to sit upright independently, but will require assistance to walk anywhere.

By the time they reach their mid-teens, they are unlikely to be able to sit independently.

Zolgensma will thus help to improve Devdan's muscle strength and increase his chances of survival with little deterioration.

S$2.87 million raised

A total of S$2.87 million was raised through crowdfunding.

Devdan's parents, Shu Wen and Dave, said that the decision to crowdfund for their son's treatment "took a lot of encouragement".

"There was no other choice nor considerations, this was the last straw. We realised the situation was now or never."

"Once Ray of Hope got the website going, everything just snowballed."

Devdan's parents have expressed their heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the support received.

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