Cyclist files insurance claim against driver 2 days after accident, S'pore police charge cyclist instead

Drivers are not always in the wrong.

Belmont Lay | September 13, 2021, 02:46 PM

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A driver in Singapore tasted sweet justice after a cyclist who filed an insurance claim against the driver for medical costs ended up being investigated by the police for committing an offence instead.

Details about the incident were shared to Facebook on Sep. 13, 2021.

What happened

The post, written by the driver, said an accident between him and a cyclist took place at a car park in Ang Mo Kio in July 2021.

The driver said he jammed the brakes in time but a collision still occurred and the cyclist fell to the ground.

The post said drivers are usually wary of such incidents as they get most of the blame even if it is not necessarily their fault.

Offered to bring cyclist to doctor

The driver said he even offered to bring the rider to the clinic the next day, but was turned down.

However, two days later, the cyclist messaged the driver and said he wanted to file an insurance claim for medical bills incurred.

Driver protected himself by going to police first

In what can be described as a checkmate move, the driver revealed he in fact went to report the accident to the police on the very day itself when it occurred.

Likely due to his forward-thinking, the driver heard back from the Singapore Traffic Police about two months later that they will be initiating action against the cyclist after concluding investigations.

The cyclist was found to have failed to stop and keep a look out for oncoming traffic, according to the police.

Driver's advice

The driver then advised fellow drivers to not be afraid to report such incidents to the police as "not that everything is always the fault of us drivers when it comes to traffic accidents involving cyclists," he wrote.

"I used to think so that we will always be penalised for knocking them down despite them not looking out for cars, but I'm so wrong," he added.

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