Indonesian parking attendant wears mask made from coconut, told to do push-ups as punishment


Syahindah Ishak | September 09, 2021, 02:27 PM

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A parking attendant in Bali, Indonesia recently made headlines for wearing a mask made from a coconut.

More comfortable than ordinary mask

In an interview with Indonesian media on Sep. 2, the 44-year-old man named Nengah Budiasa said that wearing the coconut mask is more comfortable than wearing an ordinary mask.

Nengah explained that he has to use a whistle whenever he's on duty, and it's cumbersome to do so with an ordinary mask.

"In the past, wearing an ordinary mask gets dirty very quickly... I feel more comfortable [with the coconut mask], I can speak more clearly," he said.

Nengah also fitted a whistle into his coconut mask, so that he could carry out his duty as a parking attendant without too much hassle.

Image screenshot via Kabarbalihits/YouTube.

He added that he wasn't afraid if his health was disrupted during the pandemic.

Told to do push-ups as punishment

According to Kompas, Nengah was caught by officers from the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP), who told him that his coconut mask did not meet the standard requirements for Covid-19 protection.

They also educated him on the correct health protocols, and gave him surgical masks to use instead.

"He didn’t intend to violate the rules, but the mask he’s been using is improper because it’s not what the government recommends. So we have helped him out by giving him the [right] masks," Satpol PP explained.

However, Nengah continued to wear his coconut mask.

He was eventually subjected to administrative sanctions as a form of penalty, and was instructed to do push-ups as punishment.

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Top images via Kabarbalihits/YouTube.