6 men, allegedly insurance claims specialists, appear out of nowhere along PIE after accident

They allegedly show up quite quickly after an accident along the roads in Singapore.

Belmont Lay | September 23, 2021, 01:58 PM

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Update: The Singapore police confirm that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

A video showing the aftermath of a minor vehicular accident along the Pan Island Expressway on June 6, 2021 has gotten motorists in Singapore talking.

The video was uploaded to the SG Road Vigilante platform on Sep. 22, 2021.

Within a day, it has been viewed more than 317,000 times.

6 men appear out of nowhere

The description of the video on YouTube gave a vague account of what was shown in the short clip, in which numerous men were seen congregating by the road shoulder of PIE towards Tuas near the Kallang Bahru exit.

The description also said the men appeared out of nowhere to the scene and were allegedly soliciting the motorists involved to file insurance claims.

Based on what could be seen, there were six men involved -- four men exited the yellow Honda and two from the black Audi.

However, the contents of the video soon became more apparent as more commenters on Facebook chimed in with their own experiences having also apparently encountered something similar previously.

What video showed

The first four minutes of the video of the incident along the PIE showed a yellow Honda pull up.

It became clear after repeated viewing that the yellow Honda was not involved in the accident.

Four of the car's occupants then alighted and put their face masks on and approached one of the man already on the road, who was likely one of the motorists involved in the accident.

The four men appeared to be friendly but their demeanour also suggested they were discussing something amongst themselves, but their conversations were inaudible.

Black Audi pulls up

According to the time stamp on the video, within 3 minutes of the yellow Honda's appearance, a black Audi pulled up as well and two of the car's occupants then joined the first four men by the road shoulder.

The newly arrived pair appeared to know the first four men from the yellow Honda.

All six men then started to speak to another man, who is believed to be the other driver involved in the road accident.

Other videos shed light on background

Subsequent videos after the first clip showed the black Audi caught on multiple dashboard cameras over a few days in September 2021 weaving in and out of traffic along the roads here at high speed.

The series of short clips culminated with a video of the black Audi getting into an accident along the Upper Serangoon Viaduct on Sep. 18, 2021.

The irony was that the Audi got hit by a car from the back after crashing into the back of another car at the site of an accident.

A clip of this incident on the Upper Serangoon Viaduct can be viewed here:

What commenters say

Commenters who responded to the video provided some clues as to what was going on.

Touting services

According to those who experienced similar incidents in the past, the group of men who appeared out of nowhere were allegedly soliciting for insurance claims to be filed and were supposedly also touting their own services to help with the process.

The Audi that was seen weaving in and out of traffic on multiple occasions in the various clips was believed to have been rushing to the next accident site somewhere in Singapore on multiple occasions.

As to why it was doing so, commenters can only speculate.

Network of informants

This group is able to functions as it allegedly has a network of informants who spot accidents along the roads in Singapore.

Their modus operandi is to allegedly get to an accident scene just after it happens and before those involved call their own insurance companies to report the matter.

Assess damages

The group will also allegedly assess the damages to the vehicles on the spot and provide a laundry list of damages that may or may not reflect the actual damage sustained.

The group will also allegedly offer services for vehicle repairs at their workshops.

The group will also allegedly insist on motorists involved in accidents to file an assortment of other claims, such as medical claims.

One commenter said, based on his own experience, a claim specialist even told him he witnessed the accident after pulling up.

Yellow Honda seen braking hard and getting hit by bus

Just like the black Audi, there is footage of the yellow Honda getting involved in at least one crash on the road here.

A video showed the yellow Honda getting hit by a bus along Upper Changi Road on Sep. 20, 2021 after moving off before stopping abruptly in its path.

It is unclear what sparked off this incident.

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All photos via SG Road Vigilante