Spectators use American flag to catch cat that fell 15m inside Miami stadium, crowd goes bananas

Things that can bring people together: Sports and animals.

Tanya Ong | September 13, 2021, 03:17 PM

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A dramatic video involving a kitty at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, U.S., has broken the internet.

The footage shows how the cat, which had apparently gotten stuck in some fabric on an upper deck railing, tried to desperately hang on with its claws.



As it dangled dangerously from the upper deck, about 50 ft (15m) from the ground beneath, spectators above tried to pull the cat up, but could not reach it.

Via Dylan Marinov/IG

The cat eventually plunged after it could not cling on to the fabric any long, to the horrified screams of spectators.

Thankfully, it would live to see another day as it fell straight into an American flag.

Via Dylan Marinov/IG

Here's a gif of the whole incident:

And as expected, the crowd went wild with cheers.

Reakin Havoc/YouTube

House of Highlights/YouTube

Watch the video here:

The incident took place at a college football game on Saturday (Sep. 11).

According to NBC Miami, the flag belonged to one Craig Cromer, a facilities manager at the University of Miami, together with his wife.

After noticing the cat above them, they untied the flag from the railing and stretched it out, hoping to break its fall.

The cat eventually bounced a bit off the flag, and was later secured by others before being taken away by some stadium security workers.

The cat also did not appear to sustain any injuries, USA Today reported.

Via Dylan Marinov/IG

Top photo via Dylan Marinov/IG, House of Highlights/YouTube