You can now order coriander cakes in S'pore for your friends & enemies

A great gift to bless (or assault) their senses.

Joshua Lee | September 23, 2021, 04:26 PM

We all know someone who has an unhealthy obsession with coriander, and now, thanks to Baker's Brew, you can actually celebrate their love for the polarising vegetable with cake.

Baker's Brew has launched a pretty interesting product — cake with coriander — calling it Singapore's most fragrant (香) cake — a wordplay on the Chinese name for coriander (香菜).

Choose from three different variations.

The OG Coriander Cake (S$58) comes dotted with coriander leaves on its side and a magnificent bunch of coriander — leaves, stems, and all — as its crowning glory.

You can almost smell this picture. Image credit: Baker's Brew.

The Coriander Dedication Cake (S$58) is a little less magnificent than the former, but still boasts a joyful smattering of coriander encircling the cake on top and below.

You'll also get space on top for a quirky dedication to a loved one or your lifelong nemesis. Or perhaps a frenemy.

The possibilities are endless. Image credit: Baker's Brew.

Compared to the previous two, the Coriander Cupcake (S$30.80 for a box of six) comes off looking a bit sad with its lone coriander garnish per cupcake but you know what they say: A little goes a long way and a bit of coriander can pack a serious punch.

Smol but also (possibly) deadly. Image credit: Baker's Brew

Here you should note that the only coriander in the cakes above are the garnish.

Customers can choose from the wide variety of cakes at Baker's Brew (e.g. the Vanilla Cake, Earl Grey Lavender Cake) and opt for the coriander garnish.

Only 50 sets of the Coriander Cakes are available from now until September 30, so you better get moving if you want to experience the joy (or angst) of coriander in the form of a dessert.

Orders can be made via WhatsApp at 8877 8870.

Coriander-flavoured cake in the works

Baker's Brew told Mothership that the Coriander Cake was first designed to celebrate the birthday of a colleague who "really loves coriander and swears by it for all her hotpot meals".

The success of the cake prompted the team to consider launching it.

Since its announcement yesterday, the team has received an overwhelming response from the public. Hence, Baker's Brew is currently developing a coriander-flavoured cake. More details will be announced on October 1.

Top images via Baker's Brew.