Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 38, announces pregnancy

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Lean Jinghui | September 30, 2021, 07:01 PM

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Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 38, is finally pregnant, after years of trying for a baby.

Eight months pregnant

The veteran actress had been keeping the pregnancy private for a period of time, according to Taiwanese multimedia site Mirror Media.

The report added that Lin is already eight months pregnant, and is due to give birth sometime in October 2021.

Lin confirmed the good news via her Weibo account itself, on Sep. 29.

She headlined the announcement: "Yes, I'm pregnant..."

Via 林依晨Ariel Weibo

Baby's gender not yet announced

Lin also thanked everyone for their well-wishes, and revealed that the baby's gender remains a secret.

She added: "Of course, whether it is a boy or a girl, the baby deserves to be loved."

Mirror Media reported that Lin's husband, Charles Lin had earlier rushed back from working in the U.S. to accompany her.

According to Epoch Times, the couple have been married for six years (since 2014), and Lin had taken a break from her acting career for three years in order to try for a baby.

Well wishes pour in

Netizens have came forward to share their well wishes and congratulate the couple.

One user wrote: "The female protagonist of 'It Started with a Kiss' must always be happy".

Another said, "A huge congratulations, I'm so happy. Our 湘琴 (the character played by Lin in "It Started with a Kiss") must continue to live blissfully, always".

Still others pored over past photos, pointing out that Lin might have stood in a certain way during her initial stages of pregnancy, in order to hide her baby bump.

Lin in February, 2021. Via 林依晨Ariel Weibo

According to Epoch Times, Lin had previously shared during a press conference in March, that the couple has "tried everything that they can think of," in response to a question on having children.


For the uninitiated, Lin is a popular actress from Taiwan, best known for the 2005 hit drama "It Started With A Kiss", and the 2006 series "The Little Fairy".

She also starred in other shows such as "Tokyo Juliet" in 2006, and an adaptation of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" in 2008.

Via Weibo

Via Weibo

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Top image via Weibo and @linyichen.ariellin Instagram