'Ah Girls Go Army' slated for release on Feb. 1, 2022, open call for auditions

Yet another instalment to the Ah Boys To Men franchise, but with women.

Low Jia Ying | September 29, 2021, 06:47 PM

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The latest instalment of the "Ah Boys To Men" franchise will feature women.

"Ah Girls Go Army" is director Jack Neo's exploration of the question: "Can our Singaporean women step up to the challenge of defending our nation, the same as we ask of our men?"

It is slated for release on Feb. 1, 2022, according to a media release today (Sep. 29).

Movie to feature 'a bunch of Gen Z teens'

"Ah Girls Go Army" is set in the "possible-near future" where the population of younger people decline to a point where women will have to serve National Service to sustain Singapore's defences.

The movie will follow Singapore's first batch of female recruits, featuring "a bunch of Gen Z teens with different backgrounds and education".

Similar to the first "Ah Boys To Men" movie, the teenage girls will undergo their Basic Military Training under fierce instructors.

After being "pushed to their physical and emotional limits", the girls will learn to love National Service, and discover new ways to resolve relationship issues in their personal lives.

Jack Neo: Are Singaporean women able to defend the country?

Neo hopes to settle an age-old debate in Singapore with his new movie:

“Singaporeans are very fortunate; we live in a relatively safe and stable world. But what if the population of young people drop below the level that we need to sustain our defence? We know that the birth rate of our society is dropping each year. Can our Singaporean women step up to the challenge of defending our nation, the same as we ask of our men? This is what I want to explore in our new movie."

Ng Say Yong, chief content officer of mm2 Asia Ltd hopes that "Ah Girls Go Army" will be a hit among Singaporeans who have been "long deprived of a good local movie".

He added:

"And what better way to do it than taking a leaf off Singapore's most iconic franchise and injecting it with the subject matter of diversity and gender equality?"

Open call for auditions to fill minor roles

J Team Productions and mm2 Entertainment are also hosting an open call for auditions to fill minor roles in the movie.

Here's a chance to work alongside Apple Chan, who will be returning as Lieutenant Zhang in "Ah Boys To Men 4", as well as the cast of "Ah Boys To Men", who will be making special cameo appearances.

Image via J Team Productions and mm2 Entertainment.

Online auditions for female recruits in the movie will begin on Sep. 29.

More details of the audition will be released on the Facebook pages of J Team and mm2 Entertainment at 10:30pm tonight (Sep. 29).

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Top photo via J Team productions and mm2 Entertainment