Ex-lovers Thomas Ong & Sharon Au explain why they are never getting back together

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Mandy How | August 24, 2021, 03:41 PM

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Audiences of local TV in the 90s might not be too surprised to hear that celebs Sharon Au and Thomas Ong used to date.

If not, a recent post by 46-year-old Au would have been a giveaway:

An invitation for "Miss Au Ginseng"

On Aug. 18, the actress-turned-investment-director updated her Instagram page once more, saying that her former beau had invited her to appear on a livestream together.

Ong referred to her as "Miss Au Ginseng" in his invitation—a pun on her Chinese name, Ou Jingxian.

Addressing the elephant in the room

On the night of Aug. 19, the pair hosted the event from a room in Marina Bay Sands.

Responding to a viewer urging them to get back together, Ong joked that Au was too "atas" for him.

He recounted the holidays that they took in Bangkok, Malaysia, and Japan, where he preferred cheaper accommodations that cost less than S$100 per night.

However, Au wanted to stay in places like Oriental Hotel.

"I felt like I couldn't support her lifestyle," Ong quipped.

Au brought up another example of a past trip to Hong Kong, which Ong had apparently clean forgotten about.

For most of their time there, the couple stayed in a budget-friendly place, until Au couldn't hold out anymore.

They then moved to Mandarin Oriental for the last two days, during which Ong sulked at the expense as he felt that the same sum could have paid for many more days of accommodation at other hotels.

"Now you understand why we're not together," Au laughed.

Better to remain platonic

Later on in the livestream, Au expressed that relationships between the opposite sexes can usually last longer if it remains platonic.

"It's hard to remain friends once a couple breaks up," she added.

Ong contributed in another part of the video, "She knows me very well and vice versa, but it might not be a good thing for a relationship. But as friends, we can tolerate and compromise."

"We can laugh it off," Au said.

When asked by Ong if she feels lonely being single, Au replied "No" resolutely.

"Because I have a lot of friends by my side," she said. "I've never felt lonely for three days straight. Maybe just for a night, and it'll be gone."

Ong added:

"You can find happiness in doing things alone. You don't necessarily need someone with you. Because it should come from within, and not from another person."

You can watch a replay of the livestream here:

Top image via Thomas Ong's Facebook page, Sharon Au's Instagram