Stephen Chow, 59, seen playing water sports with Miss Hong Kong contestant, 17, assistant denies rumours

The assistant said there were a lot of people on the boat that day.

Lean Jinghui | August 18, 2021, 12:57 PM

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When it comes to legendary Hong Kong filmmakers-cum-actors, there's few more famous than Stephen Chow.

Which is why the usually fiercely private actor sent the gossip mill into overdrive, when he was recently spotted socialising with three young woman onboard a luxury yacht in Hong Kong.

According to Hong Kong's Headline Daily, they were spotted wake surfing and playfully spraying one another with water.

17-year-old Miss Hong Kong contestant

One of the women in the group was 17-year-old Ukei Cheung, a Miss Hong Kong 2021 contestant, according to Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

Cheung has a 42 year age gap with Chow, who is 59 this year.

According to 8world, Chow first met Cheung during a yacht party in June, and later became interested in her.

Apple Daily added that the pair would meet frequently, with Chow treating Cheung especially well. This included sending a private car to pick Cheung up every time they met, having meals and alcohol, and even ordering a suite for her to rest after a night of drinking.

They also reportedly took the yacht out to sea almost every week.

Chow's assistant: Nothing going on

In response to the rumour mill, Chow's assistant rejected claims that the pair are dating.

The assistant told Hong Kong media that Chow was, in fact, not close to Cheung; there had simply been a lot of people on the boat that day.

Two days prior, Cheung had reportedly approached Chow to wake surf together, but he had ignored her request as they were not close.

He added, "I don't know why it was written this way, when it was just a bunch of people going out to sea to play water sports".

Top image via @u_keik Instagram and Getty Images

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