South Korean man finds S$130,000 worth of cash hidden under old fridge he bought online

Not quite finders-keepers.

Andrew Koay | August 12, 2021, 04:37 PM

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A man in South Korea seems to have gotten a good second-hand bargain after he discovered several wads of cash taped under a used refrigerator he'd purchased online.

According to MBC Newsthere were 2,200 bills in total, amounting to 110 million won (S$130,000).

The man had found the bills while cleaning his newly purchased fridge and instead of keeping them went to the police to lodge a report on Aug. 6.

Police are have opened an investigation to determine the source of the money and are temporarily holding the cash.

Both the sellers and those who transported the fridge will be included in the investigation.

A police officer, speaking to MBC News, called the case "absurd" due to the large amount of money involved.

Regulations regarding found money

Allkpop wrote that South Korea's Lost and Found Act requires that the money go to the person who found it if the owner does not appear within six months.

However, the acquiree needs to pay a 22 per cent tax on his find.

If the owner of the cash is found, the finder will be due between five to twenty per cent in compensation.

In the event that the money is found to be related to a crime, it will then go to the state.

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Top image from MBC News' YouTube Channel