SMRT staff suspended after video showed him shoving skateboarder at Esplanade MRT

"We are sorry that our staff overreacted," SMRT said.

Andrew Koay | August 21, 2021, 05:57 PM

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An SMRT staff member has been suspended from his duties after he was seen manhandling a skateboarder who was skating at Esplanade MRT station.

A video of the incident emerged on social media and showed a skateboarder attempting to skate towards the staircase at the entrance of the station.

In the midst of his approach towards the stairs, a SMRT staff member can be seen running towards the skater and shoving him off the skateboard.

Image from SGfollowall's Facebook page

Staff overreacted

Addressing the video, SMRT wrote on Facebook that they were aware of the incident, which took place on Aug. 20 at about 10:25pm.

"We are sorry that our staff overreacted," SMRT said.

The public transport service provider wrote that the staff in question had previously told the skateboarder that skateboarding was not permitted within the station premises for the safety of commuters.

The post said: "When the staff saw that the person was skateboarding towards the stairs which other commuters were also using, the staff ran towards the person to stop him from doing so."

SMRT said that a report had been made regarding the incident and that they were assisting TransCom with their investigations.

The suspended staff member will also be "supporting" the proceedings.

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Top image from SGFollowsall's Facebook page