Sleepy service dog in Shanghai is mood of S'poreans returning to work after public holiday


Ashley Tan | August 10, 2021, 01:57 PM

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An adorable service dog in Shanghai, China, has captured hearts on the internet after photos of its drowsy expression while working were posted to Facebook.

The photos, which were posted on Aug. 3, have since garnered over 2,200 shares, and were accompanied by superimposed text in Mandarin written in the dog's point of view.

Sleepy doggo reluctant to work

The search dog, which appears to be a Labrador Retriever, was accompanied by its handler who was patrolling and carrying out duties at a subway station.

The dog can be seen leaning on its handler's leg with a particularly weary expression on its face.

"So tired, what time do we end work."

Photo from 杂七杂八 / FB

It even dozed off in the midst of its work.

"Let me nap for a while, call me when the boss is here."

Photo from 杂七杂八 / FB

Here it is on the floor looking extremely reluctant to continue working, gazing at the photographer for some sympathy.

"Just woke up."

Photo from 杂七杂八 / FB

On the train, the dog, comfortably sprawled on the floor against its handler's feet, managed once again to catch a few winks.

"I'm tired."

Photo from 杂七杂八 / FB

But it was later awoken and reminded to remain alert after its handler tugged on its ears.

"Got yanked awake."

Photo from 杂七杂八 / FB

Very relatable

Facebook users gushed over how adorable the dog was, and found the dog's expressions and attitudes somewhat relatable.

"Why is a dog that doesn't want to work cute, but when I don't want to work, I'm lazy?"

"Just like you when you're at work."

For the majority of those in Singapore dragging themselves to work after the National Day public holiday on Aug. 9 and a long weekend, this might strike a chord.

If you're hoping for another long break this month since the National Day Parade has been postponed to Aug. 21, a Saturday, sorry to get your hopes dashed.

There will unfortunately be no public holiday on Aug. 23, the following Monday.

Best to turn in early on that weekend so you won't end up looking like this tired dog, or even better, take this as a reminder to clear your annual leave for that much needed break.

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Top photo from 杂七杂八 / FB