SCDF conducts marine rescue operation on S'pore vessel after crew member falls off ladder

The crew member was suspected to have suffered a spinal injury.

Ashley Tan | August 28, 2021, 12:10 PM

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The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) conducted a marine rescue operation yesterday (Aug. 28) evening at the southwest of Singapore.

In a Facebook post, SCDF shared that they first received a call for medical assistance at around 7:10pm.

A crew member on an anchored vessel had fallen off a ladder and was unable to move.

Injured crew had to be safely lowered to SCDF vessel

Two SCDF marine vessels along with SCDF marine specialists were deployed to the site of the incident. One of the marine specialists is cross-trained as an Emergency Medical Technician.

The specialists boarded the vessel to assess the situation, and found the injured crew member in the vessel's medical bay.

He was suspected to have suffered a spinal injury, and the specialists managed to carefully secure him on a stretcher.

Photo from SCDF / FB

In the meantime, another group of SCDF specialists set up a height-lowering system to convey the injured crew member from the larger vessel to SCDF's Rapid Response Fire Vessel (RFV).

Photo from SCDF / FB

This was to allow the casualty to be lowered from the vessel's upper deck onto the RFV, and had to be coordinated carefully.

Photo from SCDF / FB

Photo from SCDF / FB

Once the casualty was onboard the RFV, he was ferried to West Coast Pier where an SCDF emergency ambulance on standby conveyed him to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

You can read SCDF's full post here.

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Top photo from SCDF / FB