SBS Transit bus driver rushes out of bus to help old man who fell in heavy rain


Joshua Lee | August 20, 2021, 10:18 AM

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A female SBS Transit bus driver has received praise from a commuter after he spotted her helping an elderly man in need.

Commuter Alan Teo was on bus service 112 on July 10 on his way to Kovan MRT station.

It was raining heavily and Teo saw that an elderly man had fallen on the ground near a bus stop.

The man was face down on the ground and appeared to have some difficulty getting up.

The bus driver, Lee Yee Ching, alighted from the bus and rushed to the old man.

She helped the old man to get up. Some passengers saw what she was doing and alighted with umbrellas to shelter the bus driver and the old man.

"I am deeply touched and [warmed] by her selfless action. She is not only an asset to the company, but to society too. I am truly impressed with her gestures," Teo wrote in a compliment.

SBS Transit shared Teo's compliment on Facebook, adding that Lee is an inspiration:

"Seven years on the job, she constantly demonstrates our CARES values providing Caring, Reliable, Safe, and Secure Service to our passengers. Way to go Yee Ching!"

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Top images via SBS Transit/Facebook