S'porean has popular San Francisco food truck selling satay & chilli crab sandwich

Satay by the Bay Area.

Fasiha Nazren | August 15, 2021, 01:48 PM

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When we think of Satay by the Bay, many of us would think of the open-air food court located at Gardens by the Bay.

Satay by the Bay in San Francisco

However, there is also a food truck with the same name in San Francisco, U.S., helmed by a Singaporean lady and her family.

Satay by the Bay San Francisco is the brainchild of Singaporean Elly Suraya Greenfield and her American husband David Greenfield.

Making it a family affair is their 14-year-old daughter who also helps out at the food truck.

Photo from @sataybythebaysf on Instagram.

The food establishment took root as a pop-up food stand in September 2019 and became a full-fledged food truck in March 2020.

Runs in the family

Formerly an insurance agent, Elly never thought she would start an F&B business.

But it seems like it's a trait that runs in the family.

In an interview with Munchies, Elly shared that she was "forced to volunteer" to be in the kitchen when her mother ran a catering business in Singapore.

Known as the only halal Malay Singaporean food truck in the Bay Area, the business quickly gained popularity for serving hearty "Singaporean street food", especially the peanut sauce that is served with most of their offerings.

Elly let on that it is a recipe passed down from her grandmother, whose photo can be found printed on the truck itself.

Photo from @sataybythebaysf on Instagram.

Chonky satay and chilli crab sandwich

Here's a look at some of their food:

Satay: From US$12 (S$16.26) for three skewers

Photo from @sataybythebaysf on Instagram.

Unlike the satay in Singapore, this satay is chunkier as it is made using thigh meat.

It is also served with rice cakes, cucumber and homemade peanut sauce.

Tahu goreng: US$12.50 (S$16.94)

Photo from @sataybythebaysf on Instagram.

Satay by the Bay San Francisco's tahu goreng is a vegan-friendly option comprising fried tofu, bean sprouts, shredded carrot and cucumber and slathered with homemade peanut sauce.

Singapore Chilli Crab Sandwich: US$19 (S$25.74)

Photo from @sataybythebaysf on Instagram.

A toasted roll filled with real crab meat, cucumber, jalapeno, fried onion and topped with homemade chilli crab sauce and mayonnaise.


Top image from @sataybythebaysf.

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