'Hail Satan' clip randomly airs on Australian news broadcast leaving anchor stone-faced

What the hell.

Andrew Koay | August 21, 2021, 11:23 AM

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Australia's national broadcaster has been left slightly red-faced after accidentally airing a clip of a satanic meeting during its nightly news programme.

In a snippet of the segment posted on Twitter by Media Watch, ABC News presenter Yvonne Yong was reporting a story about a proposed new law that would see abusers of police animals put in prison.

However, the segment was abruptly interrupted by footage from a satanic ritual that featured red lighting, an upside cross, and a "satanic priest" imploring his flock to "Hail Satan".

The demonic interlude lasted about 3 seconds before cutting back to Yong — a former CNA anchor — who sat stone-faced for a moment.

She, a consummate professional, then continued reading the news for her next story, a far less infernal one on content servers crashing.

Satanic Black Mass held in defiance of state education department

According to Media Watch — which is a programme also run on ABC — the footage appeared to come from a livestream of a Satanic Black Mass by the Noosa Temple of Satan.

The group are currently locked in a legal battle with Queensland's Education Department.

The Satanists are pushing to be allowed to teach religious instruction classes to school students.

The logic behind their case, reported the Brisbane Times, is that if Satanists could not teach religious instruction, then no religious classes should be allowed in Queensland's public schools.

Ironically, the group's leader Robin Bristow told the Brisbane Times that the first principle of Satanism was that they don't actually believe in Satan or his existence.

Bristow — better known as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon — described the Black Mass that interrupted ABC's news programme as more a fancy dress party -- a publicity stunt as they wait for the Queensland Supreme Court to make a ruling on their court case.

“For many, Satan is a political tool, it certainly grabs people’s attention... We view Satan as a powerful metaphor for rebellion,” he said in a 2020 interview, according to the Brisbane Times.

As for how the footage of the Black Mass ended up cutting into a non-related news story, the most probable answer is that it was accidentally spliced into the segment.

A commenter online noted how the clip was used for a previous news story on the Satanic group's court case.

Other possible explanations include black magic or satanic powers — or just Australia being Australia.

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Top image from Media Watch's Twitter account