Reebonz S'pore hit by angry complaints from buyers & sellers in 2021, police report made

Delaying payment and delivery of goods is not a luxury everyone can afford.

Belmont Lay | August 25, 2021, 06:22 PM

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Luxury marketplace Reebonz has been on the receiving end of multiple angry complaints from buyers and sellers who use the platform.

One-star Google reviews have appeared with greater frequency over the past year, especially more so in 2021.

Negative feedback

The negative feedback slammed Reebonz for not honouring its part of the deal.

These include failure to make delivery after items were paid for, and turning around to claim they are out of stock, as well as failing to facilitate payments to sellers who use the site to conduct sales of luxury items.

Sellers can put up items for sale via the White Glove service.

A check on the reviews threw up some of the following one-star feedback.


December 2020

I was a regular customer at Reebonz. However, my latest purchase made me lose confidence with this company. I ordered a Marc Jacob bag for my sister’s birthday in beginning of September 2020. They sent me an email for late shipment at the beginning of October. I received another email that the shipment will be delayed again to mid-November. This is ridiculous coming from a reputable brand. Never support them ever again. Worst shopping experience!

April 2021

Bought the item almost one month ago. Now waited for almost one month then tell me no stock?! Refund will take 14 business day. Seriously?! Will file with CASE if refund is not credited back to me.


January 2021

I have NOT been paid for the bags sold since September 2020. More than three months. The concierge team just keep providing the same generic reply every single time, saying they are still following up with finance. Worst experience ever.

March 2021

I advise not to sell your bags through Reebonz White Glove and do try to explore other sources. I managed to sell two bags, but the 10 business days payment promise was certainly not honoured. It was only after I sold the bags, did not get the payment on the payment day itself, that I decided to google their reviews. It was horrifying to know that others experienced the same as me. I did get my payment a week later but that was because of my persistent follow ups. If i can rate a negative zero star, I would.

August 2021

Deal at your own risk. Payment for sold consigned items outstanding for more than five months. Will reach out to CASE.

Police report made

One seller interviewed by CNA said she did not receive her S$1,800 payment for reselling three luxury bags via the Reebonz platform.

As she did not receive her money for four months despite reminding Reebonz to pay her, she made a police report.

Increasing number of complaints

A check with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) showed that the number of complaints lodged against Reebonz has been increasing.

In 2019, there were three complaints.

In 2020, there were 12 complaints.

But in the first eight months of 2021, there has been 18 complaints.

CASE response

These complaints against Reebonz centred around products being of poor quality, as well as receiving counterfeit or not authentic pre-owned luxury bags and jewellery purchased from the platform.

CASE president Melvin Yong also said in response to media queries that buyers were not the only ones who complained.

Eight complaints this year were from sellers.

They went to CASE as they were owed more than S$20,000 as of mid-August.

Sellers on Reebonz make use of the White Glove service to resell pre-owned bags.

In 2019 and 2020, sellers lodged a total of six complaints.

Yong said the agreed payout period is 20 business days, but these complainants did not receive payment even after several months of waiting.

However, the watchdog said these complaints by sellers are not within their purview as they can mainly only handle buyers' complaints.

Reebonz response

CNA reported that it reached out to Reebonz for a response but did not get one.

But it did get a written chat message after communicating with a “concierge” on a Reebonz WhatsApp business account.

The Reebonz representative said on Aug. 23: “We just need time we, are not running out. All will be paid... we are not the only one affected by Covid."

The representative also said "two batches" of payments were paid out "last week" and that the payments are ongoing this week, and added that the company uses "licensed" ateliers, and that the platform has been around for a decade.

The latest development, though, is that the White Glove service has since been suspended.

The site has a notice that read: “We will temporarily put a pause on accepting new White Glove collections. We are reviewing our existing process to better meet your requirements.”

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