S'pore motorists stop to help lone lorry driver pick up fallen boxes scattered across road

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Ashley Tan | August 05, 2021, 06:54 PM

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A couple of kind-hearted motorists stopped to extend a helping hand to a driver whose goods had fallen off his vehicle.

The scene was captured on the good samaritans' dashcam, and subsequently posted to Facebook on Aug. 1.

Picking up boxes by himself

According to the video post, the motorists first encounter a minor traffic jam in the middle of what appears to be a flyover in Singapore.

As they move forward, it becomes apparent that traffic has been halted due numerous boxes scattered across the second and third lanes.

A lorry is parked on the road shoulder, and a man, who is likely the driver, can be seen rushing across the road to pick up the boxes one by one.

A female passenger in the car notes in Mandarin that the man appears to be struggling by himself, and urges her companion to help him.

Photo from Singapore roads accident.com / FB

The pair were later seen collecting all the dropped boxes and stacking them in the back of the lorry.

As they drive off, the lorry driver can be seen giving them a wave in thanks.

Photo from Singapore roads accident.com / FB


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Top photo from Singapore roads accident.com / FB