2 S'poreans, an 86-year-old man & 95-year-old woman, die from Covid-19 complications: MOH

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 316 cases in the week before to 335 cases in the past week.

Lean Jinghui | August 25, 2021, 11:57 PM

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported two deaths due to complications from Covid-19 infection on Wednesday (August 25).

86-year-old partially vaccinated male Singaporean

Case 66762, an 86-year-old male Singaporean, passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection on Aug. 25, 2021.

He had been admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for an unrelated medical condition on July 1, and tested negative for Covid-19 multiple times. Another test taken on July 28 came back positive for Covid-19 infection.

He had been partially vaccinated against Covid-19, and had a history of cancer, cardiomyopathy, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.

95-year-old unvaccinated female Singaporean

Case 67995, a 95-year-old female Singaporean, also passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection on Aug. 25, 2021.

She developed symptoms on Aug. 5, and tested positive for Covid-19 infection on Aug. 9 after being admitted to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases. She had not been vaccinated against Covid-19, and had a history of Alzheimer’s Disease.

In total, 52 have passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection, including 15 in Aug. 2021 alone.

118 locally-transmitted cases

MOH confirmed 120 new cases of Covid-19 infection in Singapore as of 12pm on Wednesday (August 25). This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore to 66,812.

There are 118 new cases of locally transmitted Covid-19 infection. 26 of the cases are linked to the North Coast Lodge cluster, of whom 25 have been placed on quarantine earlier.

Of the remaining 92 cases, 19 are linked to previous cases, and have already been placed on quarantine. 44 are linked to previous cases and were detected through surveillance. 29 are currently unlinked.

Among the cases, two seniors above 70 years old are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, and are at risk of serious illness.

There are two imported cases, who have already been placed on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or isolated upon arrival in Singapore.

One was detected upon arrival in Singapore, while one developed the illness during SHN or isolation.

68 active clusters

No new clusters were identified in today's update.

Meanwhile, two clusters have closed.

There are currently 68 active clusters, ranging between three and 1,155 infections.

Selarang Halfway House cluster

10 new cases are linked to the Selarang Halfway House cluster today, with a total of 19 cases.

Of these, 17 are supervisees at Selarang Halfway House, and two are household or workplace contacts of supervisees.

All staff of Selarang Halfway House and residents of the affected block have been tested for Covid-19, and all close contacts of cases and supervisees living in the same block will be placed on quarantine.

Closure of BHG Bugis Junction

MOH is investigating cases of Covid-19 infection amongst individuals who work in or visited Bugis Junction.

A total of 61 cases are currently linked to the cluster which was reported yesterday, with 38 new cases added today.

Of the 61 cases, 51 are staff who work in Bugis Junction, of whom 46 are staff of BHG, and 10 are visitors to the mall.

To break any potential chain of transmission and enable deep cleaning of the premises, MOH said that the closure of BHG Bugis Junction to all members of the public will be extended for another five days until Aug. 30 (inclusive).

Staff who have been working in affected shops at Bugis Junction are being tested, and close contacts of confirmed cases will be quarantined.

To uncover any community infection cases, free Covid-19 testing to members of the public who had visited the retail shops or used the services/ facilities at Bugis Junction is available between Aug. 17 and Aug. 24.

Overall increase in community cases

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 316 cases in the week before to 335 cases in the past week.

The number of unlinked cases in the community has increased from 81 cases in the week before to 131 cases in the past week.

The seven-day moving average number of all linked community cases and all unlinked community cases are 29.1 and 18.7 respectively.

Condition of hospitalised cases

350 cases are currently warded in hospital. There are currently 19 cases of serious illness requiring oxygen supplementation, and seven in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Of those who have fallen very ill, 21 are seniors above 60 years, of whom 17 are completely unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

According to MOH, there is continuing evidence that almost all fully vaccinated individuals do not suffer serious disease when infected, unless they had underlying medical conditions that made them more susceptible.

Over the last 28 days, the percentage of unvaccinated who became severely ill or died is 9.2 per cent, while that for the fully vaccinated is 1.5 per cent.

Progress of vaccination programme

As of August 24, a total of 8,619,767 doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered under the national vaccination programme (Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty and Moderna).

This covers 4,486,367 individuals, with 4,261,137 individuals having completed the full vaccination regimen.

In addition, 161,563 doses of other vaccines recognised in the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) have been administered as of August 24, 2021, covering 85,242 individuals.

In total, 78 per cent of Singapore's population have completed their full regimen or received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines, and 82 percent have received at least one dose.

Top photo by Alan Lin/Google Maps and NCID