Mark Lee's daughter, 8, sees improvement in rare kidney condition

Some good news.

Mandy How | August 25, 2021, 02:31 PM

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Calynn Lee, the youngest child of local actor Mark Lee and his wife Catherine Ng, turned eight on Aug. 19.

For the occasion, 48-year-old Ng dedicated an Instagram post to Calynn, who was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis in 2018.

Glomerulonephritis is a form of kidney disease that affects the organ's filtering abilities, leading to kidney failure in serious cases.

The mum of three said she used to blame herself for Calynn's condition, as she felt that she might have done something wrong to cause it.

Thankfully, Calynn has been making progress recently, after rounds of painful treatment that broke Ng's heart.

"Calynn, mummy and daddy are so happy that you are our child," Ng wrote. "Even though your condition has brought us much stress and worry, and I even blamed myself at one point, we never regretted having you."

A surprise

Ng also revealed more about the um, circumstances surrounding Calynn's conception.

Her two older siblings, 13-year-old Calista and 10-year-old Maksonn, were planned, but Calynn came as a surprise.

"For your brother and sister, we followed a 'routine' to a tee to make them," Ng said. "Especially your oldest sister—in order to conceive her, everything became so formulaic, and we did it for the sake of doing it."

The couple had been trying for a child for eight years, only to be met with constant disappointment.

"But after having No. 2, there was no more pressure, only passion," Ng candidly shared.

This was also why Lee joked that Calynn was made out of love, she added.

Her post, which was written in Chinese, can be read here:

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