'Pontianak' ghost receives Covid-19 vaccination in M'sia

Ghosts aren't immune to the virus either.

Siti Hawa | August 01, 2021, 01:59 PM

Individuals have started to get creative when it comes to going out in this pandemic era.

For instance, one person wore a state-of-the-art respirator in public.

While another wore a full-on dinosaur costume at a vaccination centre.

Man dresses up as a ghost

One person even decided to dress up as a ghost, possibly a pontianak, at a vaccination centre in Malaysia.

A 20-second video shared on Facebook has since garnered over 20,000 shares and over 1,000 likes.

In the video, the 'ghost' is seen strutting confidently into a mostly empty vaccination centre.

Gif via Martin Bee/Facebook

The person recording the video is heard repeatedly saying "I'm scared" in Malay as the ghost heads straight to the counter.

Gif via Martin Bee/Facebook

The ghost then lets out a high pitched laugh and takes a seat, presumably to be registered for the vaccine.

Meanwhile, people can be heard laughing and clapping in the background as the ghost raises a hand in acknowledgement.

Gif via Martin Bee/Facebook

A closer look at the costume

The ghost can be seen taking a selfie while the jab is being administered.

Photo via Martin Bee/Facebook

A closer look revealed that the 'ghost' wore a blood-stained gown, long black hair, red contact lenses and even painted their face black.

The 'ghost' was also wearing a black face mask (ghosts are apparently not immune to the virus either) with a set of menacing-looking jagged teeth over it.

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Top photos via Martin Bee/Facebook