Indonesian TV station warned for showing women's thighs, chests & buttocks in Baywatch before 10pm

Even cartoons are not spared.

Faris Alfiq | August 20, 2021, 01:51 PM

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The Indonesian Broadcast Commission has given a written warning to South Jakarta-based television channel, Trans TV, over its broadcast of the 2017 movie, Baywatch.

Show deemed to contain "sensual" depictions of women

According to the statement released by the commission, Trans TV broadcasted the movie on Jul. 12 at 7:38pm, and the movie, which features Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, was given an R rating.

The rating meant that the movie was suitable for teenagers and the general public.

However, the commission took issue with the time that the movie was shown as it supposedly contains "sensual" depictions of women.

The commission's monitoring team said that during the course of the movie, there were instances of exposure of a woman's thighs, chest or buttocks.

The commission added that even with the blurred effect, it would not be able to divert the "sensual" effects away from teenagers as the show was shown before 10pm.

The commission's representative, Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, asserted that any scenes that are "sexual in nature" have no place in the broadcasting space, especially during the time belt when children and teenager are still active.

Indonesia's heavy censorship

Indonesia's heavy broadcasting censorship has been making headlines over the past few years.

Not only does the country censor images that are deemed to be "sexual", cartoons were not spared as well.

For instance, in the popular Japanese anime Doraemon, the lower half of a female schoolgirl character called Shizuka was blurred. She, along wither other characters on the show, were wearing swimming costumes.

Another popular anime series, Dragonball Z, was also reportedly set to be banned in Indonesia for its depiction of violence.

The anime was to be replaced with Naruto instead.

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