Elderly woman casually discusses ghost exercising at HDB fitness corner as wheel spins non-stop on its own

She then continued her own leg workout unperturbed 3m away.

Belmont Lay | August 16, 2021, 01:53 PM

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You know the adage, "Get fit or die trying"?

Well, one ghost in Singapore was literally doing just that.

HDB fitness corner equipment moving on its own

A video put up on Facebook on Aug. 14, 2021, showed a strange occurrence at a HDB fitness corner in Singapore.

The original video appeared on TikTok on Aug. 13, posted by @reubentjr.

Shot at ground level at a distance of about 3m away, the standing spinning wheel equipment was seen moving non-stop on its own.

The equipment is usually meant for the elderly to perform low-impact workouts by turning the device with their hands in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions to stimulate movement.

It is also utilised by children as the wheel provides little resistance.

The caption imposed on the video in English read: "Is it really the wind??"

Casually discussing haunting

Throughout the 45-second video, the wheel could be seen spinning on its own without any hint of slowing down.

The person behind the camera initially said to the elderly woman who was seated at another exercise equipment close by: "The thing is moving."

"The thing moves by itself," the elderly woman could be heard replying.

Parts of her conversation were unintelligible due to the background music superimposed on the video.

But she continued: "It has been moving on its own recently. It is cooling here. It is probably the wind."

The person shooting the video replied: "Some people say it's a ghost."

The elderly woman replied: "Mmm, I say so too."

She then responded to the person filming: "You say clearly, is it moving on its own?"

The cameraman then said: "What should we do?"

The elderly woman then proceeded to continue with her spin workout, seemingly unperturbed that something spooky could happening within a few feet of her.

The video subsequently ended, but not before showing a close-up shot of the wheel turning, as if to prove it was not some trickery or string-pulling going on off-camera.

Not first time equipment moving on their own

And it appears that this was not the first instance of equipment moving on their own at that particular fitness corner.

Another video shot at the same location, albeit further away this time, showed another exercise equipment for the legs moving on its own on another occasion.

In fact, both the spinning wheel and the leg equipment, which are side-by-side, could be seen moving simultaneously at the same time.

Original video via @reubentjr TikTok

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