Popular Fukusaya Castella Cake from Japan arriving in S'pore Aug. 20, 2021


Mandy How | August 12, 2021, 10:15 PM

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Fukusaya Castella — a traditional cake brand from Kyushu, Japan dating almost 400 years back — will soon be available at Isetan Scotts Supermarket.

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

What's different about it?

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

We'll just preface it by saying that the product is quite different from the castella cake craze that hit Singapore some years back.

Unlike its soft and spongey Taiwanese counterpart, the Japanese Castella is denser and more structured due to the way its batter is mixed.

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

Its ingredients list basically comprises eggs, sugar, thick rice syrup, and flour, without the presence of oil or dairy.

Another distinctive feature is a crisp and gritty bottom crust on the cake, coming from ground Zarame sugar (crystalised sugar) that has sunk to the bottom of batter during the mixing process.

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

Photo via Fukusaya Castella

"This special castella which cannot be mass-produced requires the technique of highly skilled master bakers. Patronised by these people who understand the real quality," the brand's Japanese site reads.

Get it from Aug. 20, 2021

Fukusaya’s Castella will be available from Aug. 20 this year, for S$25.90 a box.

For optimum freshness, let the pre-packaged chilled cake sit for an hour and come down to room temperature before consuming it.

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Top photo via Fukusaya Castella