450m stretch of Dunearn Rd to undergo road raising works to mitigate flood risks

This is an interim measure before existing drainage improvement works are completed.

Ashley Tan | August 28, 2021, 07:24 PM

The month of August has seen a spate of flooding events.

National water agency PUB explained that the rainfall experienced on Aug. 24, in particular, was more than the typical amount of rainfall for the entire month in Singapore.

Road raising works

On Aug. 28, PUB shared that the flash flood that occurred along Dunearn Road was due to intense rainfall, which temporarily overwhelmed the drainage capacity at that section of the Bukit Timah Canal.

Furthermore, that area is known as a flooding hotspot.

In order to pre-empt future flooding events, a 450m portion of Dunearn Road will be undergoing road raising works, which are expected to be completed by Nov. 2021.

This will be an interim measure before the ongoing drainage improvement project to widen and deepen a 900m section of the Bukit Timah Canal will be completed in 2024.

The canal will be widened from 10m to 12m, and deepened by another 1-2m.

A comprehensive flood management strategy

Previously in 2013, a portion of Bukit Timah Canal from Sixth Avenue to Jalan Kampong Chantek was expanded.

Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal was also upgraded in 2019, which allowed it to convey up to 30 per cent more rainwater.

PUB added that these "significant investments in improving flood resilience" have helped to reduce flood risks in the area.

However, PUB noted that it is not always feasible to conduct such drainage improvement projects to cater to every extreme rain event due to land constraints.

Aside from road and drainage works, PUB also has a comprehensive flood management strategy, which includes monitoring road conditions and water levels in drains and canal.

This was done through a network of water level sensors and CCTV camera.

Radar technology is also used to forecast potential flash flood locations.

Quick Response Teams are then deployed to the sites, and they aid in directing traffic from floodwaters and assisting stranded pedestrians or motorists.

You can read PUB's full post here.

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Top photo from PUB / FB (showing drainage improvement works on Bukit Timah Canal in 2019) and SG Traffic Accident/FB