Cyclist releases video of him crashing head first into taxi inching out of side road near Changi Village, gets blamed instead

Cyclist could have slowed down, taxi could have given way.

Belmont Lay | August 11, 2021, 03:59 AM

A cyclist crashed head first into the side of a taxi near Changi Village on Saturday, Aug. 7, at around 4:30pm.

Footage of the accident was subsequently put up on Facebook, provided by the cyclist, who had cameras at the front and rear of his bicycle.

What video showed

The cyclist was travelling on the left-most lane of Telok Paku Road towards Nicoll Drive and Changi Beach Park, when the accident occurred.

The rear camera showed the cyclist getting thrown off and landing on the road after hitting the side of the taxi towards its rear.

The impact sent the cyclist flying.

Hard landing

In the video, the cyclist could be heard shouting an expletive after he hit the ground and stayed down.

Helped up by two motorists

The cyclist was subsequently helped up by two motorists -- one who assisted the cyclist back up to his feet, and the other motorist who moved his bicycle off the road.

Taxi drove off but returned after five minutes

According to the cyclist, the taxi drove off following the accident.

However, the taxi driver came back to the scene about five minutes later, the post said, quoting the cyclist.

The cyclist assumed it was because the taxi driver figured that there were other road users at that time who saw the incident, and there was little chance of getting away with it.

The cyclist also said that in the aftermath of the accident, he reviewed the footage and saw that many vehicles had went past him and did not stop to render assistance.

He said he expected motorists to come to his aid, given that he would stop to help any road user who was involved in an accident.


Even though the cyclist presented his case that the taxi was at fault -- as seen from the video footage -- commenters who watched the video were more inclined to blame the cyclist instead.

Riding too fast

The commenters put as much or even more blame on the cyclist for riding too fast, as seen from the video.

His pace gave him a shorter reaction time and braking distance to defensively avoid the taxi that had close to half of its vehicle length out of the side road when the impact occurred.

Taxi was already moving slowly

Those who laid blame on the cyclist also highlighted that the taxi was not moving quickly out of the side road, but was instead inching its way out in a careful fashion.

Commenters also said that the cyclist was exercising his entitlement by maintaining his speed when approaching the taxi, and he did not appear to have any intention of slowing down.

Taxi could have stopped completely

The accident could have also been avoided had the taxi stopped inching out much earlier, which would have allowed the cyclist to filter right to avoid a head-on collision.

Duration of settling costs

The cyclist ended his post with a statement that read: "Now let's see how long it takes to get my medical and bicycle expenses paid."

This comment also attracted brickbats as the cyclist was assuming it was the other party's fault and pinning the blame on the taxi driver, when it was clear there is no such certainty when the footage was reviewed by others.