Cyclists wade through neck-high waters after flooding at Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail


Ashley Tan | August 25, 2021, 11:43 AM

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Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail is a popular path among adrenaline-seeking mountain bikers in Singapore.

Yesterday's (Aug. 24) bad weather, however, might have thrown a wrench in several bikers' plans.

Flooded forest

According to an update by the PUB, the rainfall experienced yesterday was more than the average amount of rainfall experienced in August in Singapore.

This led to flooding in several parts around the island, notably, Bukit Timah Road where the streets appeared to have transformed into canals.

The same could be said for the mountain biking trail at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

One Tat Nhan shared some photos on Aug. 24 of the waterlogged situation there.

The floodwaters were so deep that Tat had to heft his bike over his head.

Photo from Tat Nhan / FB

Forced to turn back

At this point, Bukit Timah looked more like the mangroves at Sungei Buloh, rather than the tropical rainforest it is.

The waters were even deeper along certain parts of the roughly 6.4km trail, reaching all the way up to Tat's shoulders.

Photo from Tat Nhan / FB

Photo from Tat Nhan / FB

In the comments section of his Facebook post, Tat shared that thankfully, his bike was buoyant in the water.

Unable to see what was beneath the murky waters though, Tat said that he and his group were quite afraid of snakes potentially lurking underneath.

Photo from Tat Nhan / FB

The bikers attempted to forge ahead and get through the flooded areas, but as the waters got deeper, were forced to retreat and turn back around.

Tat shared that the waters were so deep it was "impossible" for him to touch the ground.

Nevertheless, he described it as a "once in a lifetime situation".

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Top photo from Tat Nhan / FB