Brad Bowyer resigns from PSP 1 day after sharing image of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany

He's out.

Sulaiman Daud | August 11, 2021, 07:07 PM

Brad Bowyer, former Progress Singapore Party (PSP) candidate in GE2020, announced his resignation from the party on Aug. 11.

In a Facebook post, Bowyer claimed that "cowardly commenters" have been attacking the PSP and "shouting for (his) blood" for his views.

While Bowyer said he has no time for "cancel culture" because Singapore is in a "crisis", he added, "That said I understand that some of my views are diverging from Progress Singapore Party’s positions, and so I have a choice to make."

Tendering his resignation

Bowyer said he believes PSP has "massive value to add", and claimed that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's national day speech demonstrated that "changes in thinking and policy" have been influenced by it, although he did not specify which ones.

He also said he didn't want to give anyone a chance to derail PSP's good work, nor did he want to let "keyboard warriors" affect his position on "how badly this crisis has been handled".

Bowyer also cautioned those who may be thinking of "celebrating", because his resignation would mean that the "gloves are coming off."

He added that he would always be grateful to the party for their support, the platform they provided, their guidance and the chance to be part of "something special."

You can see his Facebook post below:


Bowyer also addressed the controversy he stirred after a Facebook post on Aug. 10 in which he made a reference to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Bowyer has not been reticent about his skepticism over vaccines, frequently sharing criticism on social media.

Previously, Bowyer clashed with a fellow PSP member, when he was rebuked for his "dangerous opinions" on Covid-19 measures and vaccines, according to the Straits Times.

But his recent post, where he appeared to draw a comparison between the situation in Singapore and the situation in Nazi Germany, drew swift rebuke.

While Bowyer's post did not explicitly mention vaccination and Covid-19, several comments made by him on his various social media platforms mentioned Covid-19 and vaccination.

Screenshot from Brad Bowyer's Facebook page.

Screenshot from Brad Bowyer's Facebook page.

When contacted by Mothership, Bowyer said he and his family feel like "second-class citizens" in Singapore and claimed there has been "online vitriol" against the unvaccinated.

He said he chose to share the image related to the Holocaust because he "meant the imagery literally" and claimed, without substantiation, that this "exact path" has been followed before.

Mothership has contacted the PSP for comment.

Top image from Brad Bowyer's Facebook page.