Woman in M'sia rushes to get vaccinated in middle of dye job

No excuse not to get the vaccine.

Kayla Wong | Faris Alfiq | July 22, 2021, 11:13 AM

A woman in Malaysia showed up at a vaccination centre with her hair soaking wet in red dye.

It turned out that she was halfway through dyeing her hair when she was called up for her vaccination appointment.

Getting vaccine shot nothing to do with the head

Facebook user Thain Siew Kim, who's an actress, shared her story on July 16 of her experience accompanying her mother at the vaccination centre.

It all started when her mum received the notification that she could get her vaccine shot, prompting Thain's sister to urge their mum to rush down to the vaccination centre.

However, her mum expressed her doubt that she could simply show up with dye on her hair.

Brushing her mum's concerns aside, Thain's sister told her that "injecting the vaccine into the arm has nothing to do with the head".

Her mother then quickly got dressed, and headed down to the vaccination centre, where Thain was waiting for her after getting her own vaccine shot.

Suspected by staff that she was abused

In her Facebook post, Thain elaborated that her mum was Thai and was only able to speak Thai. So she had to accompany her mum throughout the vaccination process.

Looking like her entire head was soaked in blood, her mum attracted the attention of healthcare workers at the centre.

According to Thain, they checked on her mum to make sure she wasn't hurt. Some even thought she was hurt and was looking for an ambulance.

“The consultant asked me if she was really alright and not sick," she said in her post, adding, "They even suspected that I wasn't her daughter, and wanted to see if my surname was the same as the one she took on when she moved to Malaysia and got married."

"I was even suspected to be an employer who has abused her maid to the point where her head was dripping in blood!”

After clearing up their doubts, however, Thain said the centre staff grew friendly and greeted her mother in Thai, even asking to take pictures with her together.

More than 40% M'sian adults received at least one dose

Following her viral Facebook post, Thain said that her mother had become famous regionally, with an Indonesia-based media outlet picking up her story.

Someone even created a sticker using her mum's image to urge others to go get vaccinated.

A total of 424,936 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were administered on July 19, Malay Mail reported.

Overall, about 13 per cent of adults in Malaysia are fully vaccinated, according to The Star.

Top image collage via Thian Siew Kim/Facebook