Fully vaccinated persons can gather in groups of 8 once 50% S'pore population get 2 doses of vaccine

Something to look forward to.

Siti Hawa | July 07, 2021, 03:03 PM

The Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced on Wednesday, July 7 that vaccinated individuals will enjoy differentiated safe management measures once half of the population has completed the full vaccination regimen.

According to the MTF, at least half of the population would have completed the full vaccination regimen around end-July 2021.

Health minister Ong Ye Kung explained during the MTF doorstop interview:

"All eligible individuals in Singapore are now already offered vaccination, everyone has been offered, so long as you're eligible.

So at [the] current rate of vaccination, we expect 50 per cent of our population to have received two doses of vaccines, around the week of July 26, [which] means, around the starting of the fourth week of July, we would have achieved 50 per cent of our population [being vaccinated]."

Safe management measures for vaccinated persons

Should the Covid-19 situation in Singapore remain stable, and the vaccination requirement met, vaccinated persons can enjoy more relaxed rules.

These include:

  • Social gathering group sizes may increase to eight persons
  • For activities or venues such as cinemas, congregational worship, MICE events, live performances, spectator sports and wedding solemnisations, a doubling in the group size could be allowed if they are attended by full vaccinated persons. (up to 500 persons may be allowed)
  • For higher-risk, indoor mask-off activities such as F&B dine-in, guidelines can be differentiated such that a group size of up to eight persons may be allowed only for fully vaccinated persons. Otherwise, group size will remain at five persons.
  • Work-from-home will continue to remain the default, but more may be allowed to return to the workplace based on the percentage of total employees who are fully vaccinated.

According to the MTF, when more individuals are vaccinated, it reduces the risk of spread from an infected person to another, in particular a non-vaccinated person who is more vulnerable to the disease.

More details regarding the measures and other changes will be announced nearer to the implementation date.

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