'I've since been to the toilet a lot' & other reviews of the McSpicy that launched in UK

Spicy or nah?

Tanya Ong | July 24, 2021, 01:56 PM

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The McSpicy has landed in the UK.

It's been touted by local media as the country's "hottest burger yet", and delivery even comes with a bottle of milk. But how spicy is it really, and how are the people in UK taking to the new burger?

The verdict is still out, as mixed reactions have emerged.

"Sh*tting bricks"

Some comments on Twitter seem to suggest that yes, it is indeed "actually spicy".

One even called it a "massive mistake on (his) part" as he thought he "might actually pass out in pain".

The burger looks to be pretty addictive too:

Really not that spicy at all?

Other reactions online have said that the burger is not that spicy at all, with more than one giving it a "2" on the spice scale.



The Scoville scale is a well-known tool used for measuring the spiciness of chilli peppers, which are measured in units.

For instance, the chilli padi, or bird’s eye chili, is measured to be 50,000–100,000 Scoville heat units, while Tabasco sauce is 2,500–8,000 Scoville heat units.

YouTube food reviews

Some food reviewers on YouTube really enjoyed the burger.

A food reviewer, known as Food Review Club on YouTube, said that the heat doesn't gradually build up, but "gets you immediately":

"Immediately, I've got that spice. First impressions? That is not a builder, that gets you immediately. It's now lingering in my mouth. It's pretty f**kin' spicy... Oh yeah, it's good... It's really good."

Food Review Club/YouTube screenshot

"Flavour on point", he later added.

A minus, however, would be the price of the burger (which cost around £5 for a meal, or slightly over S$9) being on the higher-end of the spectrum.

Another YouTuber, Blue Van Man, said that he was "surprised actually, by how much heat it's got to it" but said: "I don't think this will hurt so much coming out in the morning."

He also personally felt that it could use more lettuce and tomatoes, and wondered if it would have tasted better with a brioche bun.

Blue Van Man/YouTube

But apparently, the burgers don't all taste exactly the same and the quality of it depends on where you get it.

It's uncertain if the UK McSpicy differs from the McSpicy here in terms of spice level, or even the flavour, but the two patties are made from different parts of the chicken -- the UK McSpicy patty is made from chicken breast meat, while Singapore's version is made from chicken thigh and drum.

Top photo via Twitter, Food Review Club/YouTube.