Ice cream topped with spring onions & soya sauce in Japan tastes like a bowl of udon

Would you try this?

Alfie Kwa | July 16, 2021, 12:46 PM

Have a hankering for a savoury mid-day treat? Well, this ice cream may just do the trick.

Tastes like udon

Image via @elxiajapan, taken from KL Foodie.

Topped with spring onions and soya sauce, this ice cream which costs 350 yen (about S$4.30) is said to taste just like "warm hearty udon noodles", according to KL Foodie.

Other than the fact that the ice cream is cold and a bowl of udon is usually served hot, it still pretty hard to imagine the combination of flavours you'll taste on your first lick.

Found in Kagawa, Japan

The shop that created this bizarre soft serve is Konpira Shoyu Mame Honpo Omotesando. It is a souvenir shop that offers snacks and other food products from the Kawaga prefecture.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the Kagawa prefecture is best-known for its udon. Many of Japan's best noodle shops are located in the area.

The store wanted to replicate the flavours found in its best-known dish onto their ice cream, and some customers loved it, said GirlStyle.

Some who have tried the soft-serve were surprised that it tasted delicious, while others won't be coming back for another cone any time soon. Perhaps you are adventurous enough, this is something you might want to try the next time you are in Japan.

Top image via @elxiajapan, taken from KL Foodie.