S'pore TikToker films racist interaction of being called 'ch*nk' & 'zipperhead' for almost 2 minutes

The interaction took place on anonymous chat site Omegle.

Jane Zhang | July 08, 2021, 03:34 PM

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A TikToker in Singapore was repeatedly called racial slurs by two young boys — at least one of whom appeared to be Caucasian — over a video chat that lasted almost two minutes.

The incident happened on the anonymous chat site Omegle on Jun. 27, and a video of the interaction was posted onto TikTok on the same day.

Called "ch*nk" and "zipperhead"

The video posted by Singapore TikToker, Sean, showed him entering a video chat room with a young, Caucausian teenage boy.

Omegle's video chat function allows users to type in keywords and then be randomly paired with another user to have a conversation.

Within 2 seconds of the call starting, another boy — who was offscreen — started repeatedly saying "ch*nk", a racial slur directed at people of Asian descent, and Chinese descent in particular.

The onscreen boy followed suit, and also began chanting the slur.

Sean asked them, "Ch*nk, or Ching?"

The two boys continued to call Sean racial slurs, changing to "zipperhead", while Sean looked appalled and confused.

"You're a f*cking zipperhead," the onscreen boy said emphatically.

"Do you f*cking speak English?", he asked.

When Sean answered that he can speak English, the Caucasian boy asked him, "Do you know what a zipperhead is?"

Sean responded that he had no idea what a zipperhead is.

Boy gave gruesome description of slur meaning

*Note: the following passages contain explicit and violent language that may be upsetting for some readers.*

The Caucasian boy then launched gleefully into a gruesomely-detailed explanation of the term, which originated from American soldiers during the Korean and Vietnam wars:

"It's when back in the day, when you guys were discriminated against, they'd line you Asians up in a line — like Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, right? — and then get a big ol' tank and just f*ckin' run you guys over.

Like, head after head after head, just f*ckin' crushing your f*cking heads down to f*cking pieces and turning your brains into f*ckin' splatter."

"Wow. Wow," Sean said, looking quite shocked.

The boy continued, adding: "And they call it zipperhead because they're all just lined up. It's like zipping a zipper. But instead of a zipper, it's a tank. F*cking crushing your f*cking brains apart. And f*cking crushing your skulls into a f*cking smoothie."

Shaking his head, Sean asked the boy: "Do you enjoy that?"

The boy responded nonchalantly: "How's your day going?"

Sean appeared to be taken aback by the question, widening his eyes and shaking his head in shock for a couple seconds before answering: "I don't know."

Racial slurs continue

The Caucasian boy then turned to the other offscreen boy and asked: "What's a fishhead, angel?"

The other boy responded: "According to my calculation, a fishhead is a ch*nk, because ch*nks always eat seafood."

The onscreen boy turned back to the camera and asked Sean: "You know what a ch*nk is?"

"I have no idea what a ch*nk is," Sean replied.

"It's a f*ckin' Asian," the onscreen boy said. "How does he not know his own racial slurs?", the offscreen boy could be heard saying.

The onscreen boy then likened the word "ch*nk" to the n-word — which he said out loud, fully, much to the dismay of Sean.

"If you were a Black person, I'd call you [n-word]. But you're Asi—", the boy said, before Sean promptly cut the call.

People like this need to be stopped: Sean

Sean told Mothership that when the name-calling started happening, he felt "annoyed and pissed".

But he added that this was not the first time it has happened to him.

Newsweek reported that Sean said he has often experienced these kinds of incidents when he has been on Omegle, on the TikTok server.

Speaking to Mothership, he said he decided to post the exchange on TikTok as he felt that it "needed to be shared because it is to show that people like this need to be stopped".

He added that people's responses have been very kind and supportive.

His video has been viewed more than 38,000 times, and garnered more than 750 comments.

Top photo via TikTok / @seanz.