Teck Whye resident calls police after mistaking salted fish for dead baby


Joshua Lee | July 09, 2021, 11:37 AM

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It was a fishy encounter in more ways than one.

A resident in Teck Whye mistook her neighbour's salted fish for a dead baby and made a police report.

Shin Min Daily News reported that a Mrs Wu from Block 3 Teck Whye Lane started smelling a foul stench on July 4 outside her unit.

The stench became stronger over the next few days. Wu even noticed drops of foul-smelling black liquid outside her window.

Even after Wu cleaned up the black liquid, the smell remained, reported Shin Min

After asking around, Wu found out that the unit above hers on the ninth floor had a basket hanging outside its window. The black liquid and smell came from the basket.

She told the Chinese paper that the front door of the ninth floor unit was frequently closed so she was worried that something terrible had happened.

She thought that the basket contained a dead baby.

She reported the matter to the town council, which subsequently sent out flyers urging residents not to hang things or dripping clothes outside their window.

But when the situation remained unchanged, Wu decided to call the police.

When the police arrived and spoke to the ninth floor resident, they realised that the basket contained salted fish and ginger.

The ninth floor resident, one Mr Wen, surmised that the basket of salted fish started emitting a stench and liquid after it was drenched by rainwater.

He told the paper that the basket of salted fish and ginger belonged to his former wife who would return occasionally to visit the kids. He did not touch it because it did not belong to him.

However, after hearing about the inconvenience caused to his neighbours, Wen apologised and took down the basket from outside his window.

Top images adapted from Google Maps, Shin Min Daily News.