River Valley High student allegedly attacks & kills fellow student in school

Police and SCDF are seen at the school.

Joshua Lee | July 19, 2021, 02:39 PM

A River Valley High student was allegedly attacked and killed by another student on Monday, July 19.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident that happened in the afternoon.

The Chinese paper added that the assailant brought a blade to school and attacked the victim.

The police and Singapore Civil Defence Force were alerted and were spotted on site.


The Straits Times reported that the student who was attacked was killed.

A source told Mothership that students were told to stay in the school hall.

There are reports on Twitter and in group chats that there was an axe involved.

According to Shin Min Daily News, some students saw someone holding an axe and standing by the drinking fountain to clean up blood, saying: "I just killed someone."

Mothership also received messages like these, which show unverified messages allegedly sent by River Valley High students:

Mothership was on site and saw students being let out of the main gate. Parents were also seen outside the school, waiting to pick up their kids.

Some students who left the school proceeded to the bus stop to make their way home by themselves.

Students whom we talked to said they were instructed not to speak to the media.

Mothership understands that the attacker has been arrested, the victim has been taken away, and the situation is currently under control.


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