S'pore otters exercise at condo pool before making grand escape through main gate

The otters have done it again.

Jason Fan | July 04, 2021, 10:26 PM

Our local otters have struck again.

Not content with merely wandering into school campuses or sneaking into churches, a group of otters have decided to take a dip inside a condominium pool, and possibly look for some delicious fish (we're not sure if it's the same bevy, admittedly).

Residents watch the otters swim

On June 30, Facebook user John McAuliffe posted a video of otters swimming in a condominium pool, which is apparently along Holland Road.

About a dozen otters can be spotted gathering in the area of the pool close to an apartment, with watching on as the scene unfolds.

After gathering on land for a few seconds, most of the otters leapt into the water, swimming all the way to the other side of the pool.

At this point, after ascertaining that there are no fish within the pool, the otters could then be spotted climbing into some greenery, before making their grand escape on land, sprinting towards the condominium's main gate.

While most of the otters made a clean escape through the open gate meant for cars, one particular otter was seemingly confused, and tried to use the locked gate meant for pedestrians, before realising that he forgot his condominium key card.

The stray otter did eventually manage to join the rest of the family, which receded into the distance at the end of the video.

Don't feed the otters

According to NParks, members of the public are advised not to touch or chase any otters you may encounter, and not to use any flash photography, as noise and light may scare and provoke the otters.

Individuals are also advised not to feed the otters, as they have their own food within their environment.

A segment within the NParks advisory also said that "clean and safe waterways filled with fish and aquatic life" make good habitats for the otters.

For whoever is living in the particular condominium, at least you know your pool clean is enough to attract otters.

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Top image via John McAuliffe/FB.