Online petition started to cancel NDP 2021 celebrations due to Covid-19 cases spike

Oh no.

Fasiha Nazren | July 21, 2021, 01:30 PM

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Several Singaporeans have signed an online petition calling for the 2021 National Day Parade (NDP) to be cancelled.

The petition was started on July 19, by a account named Abby See.

Petition to cancel NDP 2021

In the post, See reasoned that it "does not make any sense" to continue with the Aug. 9 event given the "rising cases" of Covid-19 infection in Singapore.

They alleged that even though the parade isn't considered a social gathering, it is instead a "mass-scale gathering".

See called for the cancellation of this year's NDP, or it may become the "next big cluster".

As at the time of writing, the petition has gained more than 3,400 signatures.

Many who signed also suggested redirecting the resources spent on NDP 2021 to help others who are struggling because of the pandemic.

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NDP to go on, for now

It is worth noting that the petition started before the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced Singapore's reentry into Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from July 22.

In an MTF press conference on July 20, finance minister Lawrence Wong said that the National Day is an important national event and is "not just any other occasion".

He added that the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) will provide more updates on NDP 2021 in due course.

"As of now, we do intend to continue with the National Day Parade but MINDEF is reviewing the conduct and scale of the parade, and all the necessary SMM to ensure that any rehearsals or events leading up to the parade itself can be done safely. So that's something that is being done and MINDEF will provide updates in due course."

Only fully-vaccinated participants and spectators

In a press release from Jul. 2 by the NDP committee, the parade will involve 1,200 fully-vaccinated participants, who have been further split into smaller functional groups.

They are also required to undergo weekly rostered routine testing to ensure that only healthy participants are allowed into rehearsal venues.

This year, there will be no public balloting.

Instead, tickets will be given to fully-vaccinated Singaporean essential workers.

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