Dark clouds, sunshine & waterspout all seen from Marina One at same time

Perks of being an early bird.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 05, 2021, 04:17 PM

Many of us probably slept in a while more on Monday morning, July 5, due to the heavy thunderstorm.

Early birds, on the other hand, were treated to some incredible sights as the dark clouds bearing rain moved towards mainland Singapore after dawn broke.

Awesome combination

Photographer Kevin Law captured this spectacular shot from Marina One showing ominous-looking dark clouds that juxtaposed with the orangey sunlight in the background.

Together with the dark clouds that inched towards Marina One was the remnant of a waterspout.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.

A waterspout is a weather phenomenon that happens over coastal waters, when there is a difference in temperature between the atmosphere and the water body.

A waterspout usually lasts for a few minutes and will dissipate as it approaches the coast.

Law said the waterspout he saw only lasted for a few seconds -- but he got it on camera for posterity.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.

A panoramic view of the looming dark clouds blanketed southern Singapore this morning proved cinematic and ominous:

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.

Rainy with thunder but warm

According to the National Environment Agency's update, the rainy weather lasted until around 10am.

The meteorological office said just three days prior that the first two weeks of July will be rainy.

Thundery showers and gusty winds over Singapore can be expected between the pre-dawn hours and morning in the first week of July 2021.

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Top image courtesy of Kevin Law