Helper in S'pore caught red-handed spitting into cereal meant for elderly man behind her

He was in the kitchen at that time when the incident happened.

Belmont Lay | July 11, 2021, 06:17 PM

A foreign domestic worker in Singapore tasked to take care of two seniors at home, was caught on camera spitting into a cup of cereal to be served to the elderly man.

When confronted with footage about what she had done, the domestic worker denied spitting, which angered her employer who then decided on sending the helper back to the employment agency.

The employer, surnamed Zheng, 32, called Lianhe Wanbao to tip the Chinese press off and provide evidence of the deed that happened on July 9.

Hired helper to take care of elderly at home

As she lives with the two elderly grandparents at home, Zheng decided to hire a 30-year-old helper two months ago from Indonesia.

She said: "My grandpa and grandma are about 90 years old. My grandpa is suffering from dementia and my grandma had a stroke. I have to work and I was worried I cannot take care of them."

"So I hired a helper. How was I to know that hiring a helper would bring along such problems?"

Attitude problem

According to Zheng, the helper had displayed "some attitude", and has a frayed relationship with her as an employer.

Zheng complained to the Chinese media that the helper was not keen on doing household chores.

And at 8am on July 9, Zheng checked the CCTV footage and found that the helper had spat into a cup with cereal that was to be served to the elderly man.

Video showed what helper had done

Zheng said: "I was working from home at that time, and I activated my camera to see if my grandfather was awake. The helper was making cereal for my grandfather. She suddenly leaned forward and spat into the cup."

A copy of the 12-second video was also sent to

It showed the helper leaning over the cup on the kitchen counter and spitting directly into it just as an elderly man was washing up behind her at the sink.

Startled by what she saw, Zheng went to confront the helper to pour away the cereal and make a fresh cup.

The helper initially denied spitting into the cup, but only caved in and admitted to it when she saw the video providing incontrovertible proof.

Zheng said: "We have never treated her badly. I don't understand why she did it? I will send her back directly to the employment agency."